18 Aug

Wednesday at Santon Downham turned out to be one of those rare things this year, a beautiful glorious summer’s day. Matching exactly the quality and style of the Fullers Mill paintings spread out on tables for us all to admire and enjoy.
Tina opened the meeting by welcoming our three new members Matthew, Karen and Francesca, who fitted in perfectly, easily joining in with the fun of the day.
About our Fullers Mill project Tina said that it was “absolutely fab and moving forward above expectations.” Also that it may be necessary to extend our finishing time slightly as all of us have such busy lives and we want to include as many plants as possible.
Tina then handed over to Isobel who spoke about our fast approaching exhibition at Ely Cathedral. Rob Dyke’s design for our posters and flyers make a stunning and inviting introduction to our exhibition and were set out for us to take away and distribute wherever we can. Isobel and Reinhild will be going round Ely delivering flyers to cafes and hotels to spread the word.
We were each given an invitation for ourselves and a guest to attend the preview on the evening of Thursday 28th September 7pm - 9pm. The Cathedral request an R.S.V.P. as they are providing the catering for the evening.
The Cathedral also have a number of important guests they wish to invite so it will be a much larger gathering than on our usual preview evenings.
Who knows where showing our work to such a diverse gathering may lead us in the future!!
For the rest of the day we all had a good look at all of the Fullers Mill project work. How anybody can make a final selection of paintings for the book beats me. The standard of all the work is so high and so visually appealing.
We enjoyed our picnic lunch outside in that lovely peaceful place, chatting and laughing and having a good time.
During the afternoon Rod Leeds (our text writer) called in to see our work and we each explained our own paintings to him and he looked very pleased indeed.
The afternoon ended at 3pm and the committee then squirrelled themselves away for their meeting - and we had to leave.               

It had been a very good day. A very good day indeed.

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