26 Jan

I chose the “Bottlebrush Buckeye” ( Aeschylus Parviflora ) as I’d painted a red Callistemon, for the SBA, many years ago. But I didn’t realise it was a creamy white bloom. 

Travelling to Fuller's Mill Garden on a rainy, blustery day in October, we were escorted to find the actual plant. The Bottlebrush was of course completely bare and skeletal.

Two weeks later we flew to sunny Cyprus. While there, I googled an image to help me work on the painting. Because the bloom is a creamy white, and I was painting on a white background I had to work with the negative spaces, painting the green background first, to highlight the complex form of the cream white flower.

It took 74 hours to compete the painting.

I am pleased with the result and hope Fuller's Mill and IBA are too. I wish every success to all other members taking part in this great project.

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