05 Oct

During the weeks and months of Lockdown, I have continued to sketch and paint using my garden and collection of ‘found’ natural objects as a resource. To avoid disturbing my ‘working from home’ husband who has taken over the dining room, I relocated my painting area to an upstairs bedroom.
I found this a useful opportunity to sort and organise my growing collection of sketchbooks, picture frames, not to mention the reference books, plant catalogues and photographs. I found that re-visiting old sketchbooks and paintings re-kindled ideas and plans which I had put aside due to lack of time whilst bringing up a family and working full time. I have always been interested in Illuminated Manuscripts and the small paintings of plants and insects within the pages.
Over the years, I have collected small picture frames and I decided to practice my miniature painting techniques and complete a small painting for each of my  female relatives and friends that I was unable to visit during lockdown. I chose a botanical subject and colours which reminded me of each person, and I  thought about them whilst I painted. I hope to deliver each painting in person when I am able, until then it is nice to have the pictures in my home as they remind me of my family and friends. I have completed eight small paintings over two years and feel happy to paint at miniature scale with tiny brush strokes.
I feel that lockdown has helped me appreciate time and people, given me time to organise my resources, practice my painting technique and think about lots of things. I have also spent time outdoors in my own garden and the wildlife garden that I look after as a Station Adopter, planting seeds and planning for the season ahead.
During the lockdown, I have been fortunate to look after our little grandson, spending time with him in his garden looking at shells, leaves and pebbles. We spend a lot of time learning about the natural world, floating feathers, blowing bubbles and feeling the breeze through the trees.

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