15 Sep

Artists are really lucky when the chips are down as they can put all their energy into their creative thinking. I say thinking because really the thought process is greater than the actual physical work. Michelangelo said he sat for a week before beginning to paint the Great Chapel Ceiling we all wonder at. His words were all I have to do is paint it now! Kieran Williamson said at his exhibition at the Picturecraft Gallery in Holt this year said that Lock Down  had been  a help to him as he had been able to concentrate on his work more without having all the usual interruptions. The solitude was good for him. I found I was able to do more and get into some sort of routine with my painting. I did produce quite a bit of work and  mainly things that I love to paint and was able to see and use from our large garden. Some people think painting is a relaxing thing. It s certainly not it is hugely involved in the mind and makes you very happy at times and similarly very frustrated and down too. I am not sure why we put ourselves through it? I think because at the end of the day you love what you do.

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