21 Sep

Long ago, when the first lockdown started, I felt quite liberated. Nobody can ask me to do anything,  least of all feed them! (I hate cooking!)    I abandoned all plans to paint for exhibitions and decided to paint just for me. To be able to Change the pictures in my living room with the seasons and to paint birthday cards for my family.      

One of my Grand-daughters asked for a painting of Spring blossom, just at the end of the season,  so that had to wait until the Spring of this year. 

As soon as the National Trust opened their parklands we took every opportunity to go out and explore. And in the middle of it all there was my garden. It may be tiny but it always comes first, painting comes second. I actually enjoyed those first few months of Covid restrictions.
    2021 arrived with new hope and new ideas and every intention to paint all my roses. 

Blossom time. I now had the idea to experiment with backgrounds. My Grand-daughter 's blossom would be set against a lovely blue sky. Hm. Well that did not go well. It took three attempts and the nearby apple tree was almost done by the time I had completed my task.       

And that's when I started to run out of steam. I took a break and waited for my roses to wake up. The first to appear was my lovely Albertine Rose. And then it started to rain and everything started to go down hill for me. Rapidly.  As the rain and leaden skies took hold so my spirits sank to an all time low. In the summer I always paint out  in the garden, loving the sunshine.  Give me a heatwave and my energy levels soar. I feel free and alive. But this non summer really got me down far more than Covid restrictions ever did. And I know I am not alone in feeling like this. Apple blossom was my last painting and gardening is the only thing I am interested in at the moment .         

But one thing can tempt me back to my paint box.  One of my daughters has asked for a painting of Scots pine and they grow in the woods at the end of my garden. So I'll start with pencil sketches and slowly my interest in painting will no doubt revive itself.  After all, it's Autumn now and the weather will be Autumn weather with no more longing for long deliciously hot summer days.    

And as for next year  -  well, there's lots and lots of hope for all of us and new spring blossom to inspire us and coloured background washes to master. And Roses too.

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