19 Sep

With the news of the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 I was not the only one to realise that 99% of the entries in my diary had to be cancelled.  Not being allowed to see friends, neighbours and family was very depressing and unwelcome.

However, I soon worked out that time was on my hands and I could withdraw from a normally busy life. Also I could explore different ways to spend the time. The weather was good which always helps to lift the spirits, and I began to think about finding new places to visit, and work out new walks to enjoy.

I also had time to observe and notice the trees, plants and wild flowers come to life in the Spring, which gave me the incentive I needed to pick up a paintbrush once again. To spend most afternoons painting in my studio without thinking of everything else I should be doing was bliss. I realised how fortunate I was to be able to try new ideas, make mistakes and start again. For me the Pandemic brought mixed blessings.'

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