17 Sep

I have actually enjoyed the whole of my lockdown experience on a few levels. No shopping, because our daughters became our heroic errand runners. They were our visitors, and we actually had fun inventing ways to spend a short time together but keeping within the rules. Another tale all together. 

Initially, we aimed to decorate the conservatory because we had been offered the gift of time. Job done, I still had time on my hands, until my granddaughter announced her wedding date and gave me a commission of 6 paintings. These were to be a modern twist of botanical painting which meant hours and hours of practice to produce images which are far from the detailed illustrations I have painted for years.
It felt like a breath of fresh air and gave me a relaxed adventure into another technique. 

As much as I enjoyed the new found ink and watercolour paintings, I will forever be a traditional botanical illustrator at heart. 

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