Tina Bone

March 2021

Tina Bone, Natural History and Botanical Artist

(Illuminated lettering with gold leaf also available)

18 Harbour Avenue, Comberton, Cambridge CB23 7DD

Email: tina@tinasfineart.uk

Telephone: 01223 262962 • 07802 708028

Web: www.tinasfineart.uk

Tina's online shop: Tina's Fine Art

Co-Author and Illustrator: River Friend Book Series

Web: riverfriend.tinasfineart.uk

Email: ourbooks@tinasfineart.uk

Twitter: @RiverFriend3
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tina.boneArtist2005
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinasfineartuk/

Tina is a self-taught, professional natural history and botanical artist who also offers illuminated letter design with gold leaf. Since 2005, when she  turned professional, Tina has been successful at many national and local exhibitions, and her paintings have been sold to clients worldwide. Two artworks were chosen by the Wentworth Puzzle Co. (2011–2014) and listed in their Summer Catalogue of the famous wooden ‘Whimsy’ jigsaw puzzles. She has designed and handcrafted her own and unique magnetic ‘Diweji’ jigsaw puzzle. A lily painting was chosen (2011-2014) by Ling Design for card and notelet production, and in 2010 she received a Certificate of Botanical Merit at the Society of Botanical Artist’s annual exhibition, London. Her work has featured twice in Artists and Illustrators Magazine Port Folio section, once as picture of the month. Several works were contracted to Felix Rosenstiel’s Widow & Son (2011-2012); she is listed in the 35th edition of Who’s Who in Art and in the 37th edition of the Dictionary of International Biography. Tina designs and prints her own range of limited edition prints, calendars, cards and other items, based around her artwork, which can be viewed and purchased from her website via the PayPal payment facility. A full catalogue of artwork may be downloaded from Tina’s website at: https://tinasfineart.uk/tina-bone-artwork-catalogue-pdf/.

Tina is currently working on a series of small books about different aspects of waterways such as, field guide of aquatic plants, interpretation of habitats, The Water Framework Directive, rivers are drying up, stream stories, etc. Tina is preparing all the illustrations and photographs, providing some scripts, and editing and publishing the series. Her co-author is world-renowned botanist, Sylvia M Haslam (Rtd, Cambridge Plant Sciences), and six books have been published so far, available to purchase from the River Friend Website:
or from Amazon Books
and other leading book stores.