Sarah-Jane Tweed

I hold a degree in History of Art and Architecture but my passion for practical art has always been drawing and painting. From an early age, I was drawn to watercolour, and loved the variegated tulips and irises from my family garden. Returning to painting after many years, I decided to take further steps to specialise in Botanical Art by embarking upon the Diploma for the Society of Botanical Artists. 

In 2022, I graduated from the SBA with Distinction and received the Jantien Burgraaff Progress Award. I have been a finalist in the British Art Prize, was shortlisted for the Shirley Sherwood Capannelle Winery Competition and have exhibited work in London Exhibitions. Artwork has also been published in various national and International magazines.

Most of my chosen specimens are closely rendered in detail and I aim to be as faithful to them as possible, whilst trying to reveal the essence of their character. I gravitate toward botanical subjects that are often overlooked such as a humble red onion. I firmly believe that a bramble has as much intrinsic beauty as a rare orchid. Through Botanical Art, I attempt to elevate even the most mundane of subjects. However, I also seek intricate patterns in nature, such as those found on the Snakeshead fritillary.

For 2024, I am holding Botanical Art workshops in the medium of ink, offer originals and prints via my website and welcome commissions throughout the year.

For more information regarding my work, please contact me below: