Reinhild Raistrick

Reinhild Raistrick SBA Fellow

Reinhild is a qualified teacher as well as an experienced Botanical Artist. She has run courses in botanical painting at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and other centres in East Anglia. She can be contacted by email or on her website below.

She has illustrated wild flowers in various parts of the world from Kazakhstan to the Alps to Africa. She did a series on flowers of the Equatorial rain forests in Tanzania. This led on to a monograph on the genus Saintpaulia. She received her first of four gold medals from the RHS for this set of paintings.

She is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and tutored on their Diploma Course.

At present Reinhild is working on a series of wild orchids from Lindisfarne, Northumberland. Recording these rare plants entails working in situ. ‘Simply the most perfect way to respect our plants in their environment’, she says.