SBA Plantae 2020 Poster

SBA Plantae 2020 - Call for entries

Have a go!
With several Iceni members placing and selling work in Plantae 2019, we'd like very much to encourage members to have a go and submit for the 2020 show.

If you feel it might be aiming a bit high to enter a show with an international call out, there are a couple things to remember that might make you feel a bit more optimistic of placing some work.

Firstly, this is an 'art' show - botanical art certainly, but not quite the expectation of strict scientific/botanical rigour, purpose and accuracy such as is expected for entries in the RHS show. The emphasis is on beautifully executed, impactful, and interesting work.

Second, the Mall Galleries is a really fabulous venue: spacious, well lit and LARGE. They have LOTS of lovely wall space to fill, and the range of work on show in 2019 was really varied and interesting. Your work might just catch the eye of the selection committee.