Exhibiting at Palmengarten in Germany

Hazel Rush talks about exhibiting in Frankfurt
I have exhibited four times at Palmengarten Botanic Gardens in Germany through the S B A. The exhibition is held every two years but at present it is in the balance as to whether it will be able to happen again because of Brexit. The Germans do love our botanical work, and most times I have sold something.

The work has to be well packed for transporting and you do have to get your work to a pickup point. Our nearest was in Kent. If you are good at packing pictures or can find someone to advise you, it is not too difficult to locate a courier. Being a fellow member of the S B A will then do the rest: transporting the work over to Germany and also setting up the exhibition.

I have never been but I have seen pictures of it, and it is a lovely exhibition. The exhibition is not on for very long, but the Palmengarten Botanic Gardens take care of everything for the S B A, and pack and transport the pictures that are not sold back to our pick up point. From there I usually have them couriered home. There is expense of course in entry fee courier fee etc. However for me it was the experience and thrill to have exhibited my work abroad. This is something you may think you will never do, but if the opportunity comes along I would say don’t shy away from the practicalities. As the saying goes 'where there is a will there is a way'!

Clematis and Hidcott