IBA's Doreen Taylor reports from Lindley Hall

RHS Art and Photography Exhibition 2019
RHS 2019 Lindley Hall / photo courtsey of Katherine Tyrell /
RHS 2019 Lindley Hall / photo courtsey of Katherine Tyrell /
On one of the hottest days of the year and the day when Boris was sworn in as our new leader, I took the coach from Thetford to London to enjoy my first visit to the RHS exhibition. Not a very wise day to choose, but I had bought my coach ticket in advance. Fortunately I thrive in very hot weather. So there I was, in all the roar and rush of Westminster.

Turning off Victoria Street at Westminster Cathedral is like turning into a haven of relative peace and quiet. Soon I was in our own familiar world of plants. Giant fans cooled the air and there was reviving coffee before exploring all the colours and skills and ideas of my fellow artists.

And ideas there were aplenty. Some of the best were:

'Beneath the leaf' by Bernard Carter, studies painted in Autumn (our Ely 2020 exhibition springs to mind)

'Seaweed' by Shirley Slocock.

Six Glorious Parrot tulips, by Maryna Kyselyova, big and blousey and worth every ounce of the gold medal they were awarded
Rasta Parrot by Marya Kyselyova

The life of a leaf' by Louise Lane, of Horse Chestnut foliage including the horrid little bug that causes all that autumn carnage.

'Six unloved Plants' by Helen Ayers. Studies of weeds to most people, including the noble Dandelion - can somebody please explain why such a cheerful vagabond is number one on the gardener's hit list?

A study of the humble Spud by Janet Pope.
Pink Fir Apple by Janet Pope

And - perhaps the most interesting of all - A study of some of the botanicals used in the making of GIN (!!!) by Nikki Marks.

Thus, thoroughly and satisfyingly worn out I headed for the leafy shade of St James ' s park. There, sitting next to me on a bench, was a woman totally mesmerised and hypnotised by her tablet. While, not five feet in front of us., all the Pelicans were strutting and arguing and showing off. In the immortal words of the great Sir Terry
- " is it me . . . ?"

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